Many food poisoning outbreaks are caused by poor hygiene practices. This includes poor personal hygiene, using dirty utensils and preparing food in unclean work spaces.

Regular and careful hand washing is a great way to help prevent food borne illness. However, despite this, many Australians still don’t wash their hands properly.

To ensure that your hands are clean and ready for food preparation, it's important to:

  • wash your hands using soap
  • rub hands together well and wash between fingers and under nails
  • rinse in warm water including between fingers and under finger nails

Handy Hint: Wet wipes and antibacterial gels are a great way to keep hands clean before cooking or preparing food when there is no running water (e.g. BBQ’s).

Your kitchen may be another breeding ground for bacteria with the risk of causing food borne illness.

To prevent this ensure that:

  • All plates, utensils and chopping boards are washed in hot soapy water or at high temperatures in your dishwasher before use
  • Use different plates, utensils and chopping boards for raw and cooked food
  • Replace chopping boards once they are scratched
  • Always throw out left over food to prevent the contamination of other foods
  • Wash your child's lunch box in hot soapy water everyday


Foodborne diseases- factsheets
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