Notify SFPQ of a food safety issue

Our mission at Safe Food Production Queensland is to promote and protect food safety in primary production and processing essentially ensuring the reliability and safety of Queensland's food chain.

We administer 4 outcome focussed food safety schemes. These are the meat, eggs, dairy and seafood industries in Queensland.

We work to:

  • ensure that Queensland's food production systems meet national food safety standards
  • ensure that consumers have confidence in the food produced in this State

Collectively, we have hundreds of years of experience in dealing first hand with the business of food the people, the processes and products and how these elements fit together to make food safe.

providing support

SFPQ is committed to working with each industry to monitor food safety and continues to provide advice and information to all of its accreditation holders about developments on food safety matters. We do this by:

  • providing advice and information about the food safety risks and requirements that are relevant to individual businesses
  • creating and providing management statement templates for businesses
  • conducting verification activities
  • testing and evaluating test results relevant to the assessment of food safety risks and effectiveness of food safety controls
  • training and skill updates through industry organisations and industry groups
  • encouraging businesses to report any concerns through the Agency's existing notification arrangement

notify SFPQ

To comply with the requirements of accreditation, holders must advise SPFQ of circumstances that arise outside of an approved program of production immediately.

This is so that SFPQ may assist in assessing the situation and approving an appropriate course of action to ensure food safety outcomes, suitability for market and compliance with legislative requirements.

To get a copy of the notification protocol click here.

If you have any further concerns about the food produced or processed in Queensland email us at: or call us freecall 1800 300 815.