Food Safety, Eggs and the Festive Season

Here at Safe Food we are quite passionate about food safety.

As we come into summer and the festive season is upon us, there are many foods and beverages you and your family may delight in consuming, such as dishes containing uncooked or minimally cooked eggs e.g. egg nog, uncooked desserts including mousses and tiramisu, hollandaise sauces, fresh mayonnaise, aioli, health shakes with added raw egg.

For those who are planning to prepare food containing raw egg we strongly recommend that you:

  • Only purchase and use eggs that have a unique identifying stamp, have no cracks and are not dirty;
  • Use eggs before the best before date and ensure they are stored in the fridge to optimise the shelf life as listed on the carton;
  • Keep them in the carton to prevent the eggs becoming tainted by strong-smelling foods in your fridge;
  • Thoroughly clean your hands, food areas, work surfaces, dishes, cleaning cloths and utensils after working with eggs and especially after egg spills;
  • Cook eggs thoroughly - bacteria can survive if food is not cooked until it's hot all the way through;
  • Serve hot dishes containing eggs straight away or cool them quickly in the fridge and keep them refrigerated until they are eaten;
  • Consider alternatives for vulnerable people. Food-related illnesses can affect anyone, but are more common in children under five and young adults. The symptoms are often worse in children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with impaired immune systems.  

When it comes to food safety and eggs we are not the only ones who are passionate about this topic!

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