national eggs & egg product standard

Safe Food Production Queensland is proposing the incorporation of the National Primary Production and Processing (PPP) Standard for Eggs and Egg Product developed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) into the Food Production (Safety) Regulation 2014 (the FPS Regulation).

It is proposed that the Standard, which commenced on 26 November 2012, is to be referenced as a compulsory standard for the Egg Food Safety Scheme under the FPS Regulation.

The incorporation of the National Standard as a compulsory standard for the Egg Scheme will not have any significant impact upon stakeholders. This is because the Standard is largely based upon the provisions of the Queensland Egg Food Safety Scheme which was introduced in 2005 in response to food-borne illness outbreaks associated with the consumption of eggs and foods containing egg products. Extensive consultation with stakeholders occurred prior to the introduction of the Scheme.

There are no significant differences between the Egg Scheme and the National Standard and businesses that are covered under the Scheme and are complying with its provisions will be subject to similar provisions under the National Standard.

A national consultation process was followed in relation to the National Standard. A comprehensive cost benefit analysis was prepared for the Standard and a national Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for eggs was created by Food Standards Australia New Zealand after fully considering all submissions made by stakeholders on the earlier drafts of an Assessment Report. The RIS was then peer reviewed and endorsed by the Centre for International Economics.