The recently developed National Primary Production & Processing (PPP) Standard for Seed Sprouts came into effect on 12 July 2013.

In order for Queensland to meet its national obligations in relation to adoption of the National PPP Standards, the Seed Sprouts Standard needs to be incorporated under relevant State legislation.

Based on an evaluation of risk and the fact that there are presently only around twelve seed sprout processors throughout the State, Safe Food Production Queensland (Safe Food) has recommended regulatory provisions under a Horticulture Food Safety Scheme requiring general compliance with Standard as well as registration of businesses processing seed sprouts.

The Seed Sprouts Standard has been subject to an extensive national RIS process.  The Standard was developed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) with the advice and guidance of a Standard Development Committee comprising representatives from the seed sprout industry including seed producers, seed processors and sprout processors, government regulators and consumers.

The development of the proposal included two public consultation periods.  FSANZ's first Assessment Report was released for public comment in July 2009 for a consultation period of 7 weeks.  The second Assessment Report and the draft variations to the Code were released for public comment in September 2010 for a consultation period of 6 weeks.

All National RISs include consideration of the impacts of a range of proposed regulatory and non-regulatory options on each affected party, including education initiatives, self-regulation and regulatory measures.  In relation to the Seed Sprouts Standard, these matters were considered in relation to both seed and sprout processors.