monitoring and audit

If you are required to have a food safety program (under a food safety scheme), your business will be audited against the activities described in your food safety program.

As a minimum, you will receive one fee-for-service compliance audit each year. If your business operations are high risk, audits may be more frequent. Compliance audits are charged to you at an hourly rate. It is important that you review your food safety program prior to your compliance audit to ensure it is a true reflection of the daily activities and operations, 

As compliance audits are charged at an hourly rate. Those businesses that regularly review their operations – and have all their records up-to-date and in order – are likely to pay less as less time will be taken to complete the audit.

Fees are charged in blocks of 15 minutes. A minimum of 15 minutes will be charged. Fees start to be calculated as soon as an approved SFPQ auditor enters your premises and up to the time when your ‘exit meeting’ concludes.