food safety programs

what's a food safety program?

A food safety program (FSP) is a document prepared by a business outlining control measures and procedures that its operation has put in place to reduce, or eliminate, significant food safety hazards associated with a product produced or sold.

Common food safety hazards that may pose a risk to public health are biological, physical and chemical.

A FSP provides a means to demonstrate compliance with the Scheme, and assurance to regulators and others that the product is safe.

developing a food safety program

A food safety program identifies and lists the risks to food safety that may arise in the day-to-day operation of your business.

Your food safety program must describe the food production activities your business carries out, identify risks, and show how you manage the risks.

Use the Safe Food Production Queensland accreditation and food safety program checklist (Egg Scheme) to help you identify exactly what you need to include in your food safety program.

management statement- guidelines

In order to assist the primary producer and processor of eggs and egg products in Australia, a food safety management statement-guideline has been developed. These have been developed to help businesses achieve compliance with the Primary Production and Processing standards.

Please find the relevant guideline document below based on your business activities;


Records are an essential part of any food safety program. They give you better control of your product and help you ensure quality, safety and importantly traceability. For more information click here.

identification and traceability of your product

Product identification and through-chain traceability is the cornerstone of good food safety management. As part of your food safety program, you must be able to identify your individual product.

You need to have a unique mark, or ID, that can be stamped on every egg you produce. This means there is no confusion about where the egg originated, and can help with traceback should a food incident arise.

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