food safety scheme

A food safety scheme is a legal document developed in consultation with government and industry. A scheme is based on reducing food safety risks through-chain. It is a preventative approach that ensures public health and safety.

In simple terms, a food safety scheme is a regulation that sets out minimum requirements that a primary production and/or processing business must legally meet to make sure its food is safe.

It may be a requirement under a food safety scheme for a person to develop and implement a food safety program. A food safety program is one of many regulatory tools that can be adopted to assist businesses in meeting their legal requirements.

what is the Egg Scheme?

The Food Safety Scheme for Eggs and Egg Products (Egg Scheme) was put into practice on 1 January 2005.

The main requirements of the Egg Scheme make it illegal to:

  • supply cracked eggs
  • supply dirty eggs
  • supply unpasteurised egg pulp
  • supply eggs and egg products without an accreditation.

does the Egg Scheme apply to you?

The Egg Scheme applies to:

  • egg producers - any person who produces eggs for supply
  • egg processors - a producer who handles other people's eggs and/or a person who washes, grades (including assessing for cracks) another person's eggs and/or a person who washes and handles eggs at a wholesale premises (SFPQ policy states that, although the Egg Scheme relates to wholesale premises, they are not required to be accredited if they do not physically handle individual eggs) and/or
  • a person who processes eggs to produce egg product and/or a person who pasteurises egg pulp (as long as this activity is included in their food safety program).
  • anyone operating under a preferred supplier arrangement (PSA) for eggs. A PSA allows approved egg producers to supply eggs exclusively to an egg processor. A producer who is operating under a PSA cannot sell eggs directly to the public, or to anyone else other than the egg processor identified in their accreditation application.

To find out if the Egg Scheme applies to you click here [PDF] 43Kb.

you don't need to worry about the Egg Scheme if¦

  • you only keep birds as pets and don't sell your eggs
  • you only use your eggs for personal consumption
  • you operate a hatchery and you don't sell your eggs
  • you grow or produce stock feed
  • you are a retailer who sells eggs (except if you sell eggs straight from your farm gate).*

*Queensland Health and your local government look after the retail sale of eggs under the Food Act 2006.