water use

water use

The Food Production (Safety) Regulation 2002 requires that all water used in the production of primary produce is potable or equivalent as demonstrated in the business's food safety program.

Safe Food Production Queensland (SFPQ) manages water as an input into the production processes via an approved food safety program. The source of water needs to be detailed in a business's approved food safety program.

The Queensland Government has recently introduced water management controls. These are commonly referred to as Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMP's). WEMP's are required for all major water users (over 10ML per annum). Any changes to water use must be reflected in both WEMP's and more importantly in an individual's approved food safety program. SFPQ need to be notified of these changes to your food safety program or WEMP. To notify SFPQ of any changes such as the source of water, non potable uses or recycling proposals, please call SFPQ on 07 3253 9800.

For more information on WEMP's and who to contact, click here or view our quick links section.

recycled water

Recycled water can be a source of water which must be detailed in a business's food safety program. There are a number of strategies you can investigate including:

    • water minimisation - making sure your business water use is as efficient as possible
    • re-use for approved non-potable water uses within the business (e.g animal hide wash down)
    • recycling of reclaimed water

For more information on water recycling or to gain approval to establish or use recycled water contact Safe Food Production Queensland on 07 3253 9800.