food safety programs

what's a food safety program or management statement?

A food safety program (FSP) or management statement (MS) is a document prepared by a business outlining control measures and procedures that its operation has put in place to reduce, or eliminate, significant food safety hazards (e.g. biological, physical, chemical) associated with a product that is produced or sold. A FSP or management statemen provides a means to demonstrate compliance with a scheme.

If Seafood Processors require help with their Food Safety Program, SFPQ can provide a guidance document. Please contact us on 1800 300 815.

developing a FSP or MS

A FSP or MS identifies food safety risks, and lists procedures a business will use to control those identified risks that may arise in the day-to-day operation of business.

If you are required to develop a FSP or MS it must describe the food production activities your business carries out, identify risks, and show how you manage the risks.

Safe Food has prepared templates that can be used as a guide to help you complete your food safety program or management statement. This template can be completed electronically or by hand. To complete it electronically please save the PDF to your computer first as you may be timed out from our website.

FSP and MS guidelines

where to send your FSP or MS

Once completed, simply email, fax or post it back to Safe Food for review.

Fax: 07 3253 9810
Post: PO Box 549, Stones Corner QLD 4120.