Benchmark Butcher's Community (BBC)

Benchmark Butcher's Community (BBC)

In 2005/06 a small group of meat retailers and processors approached SFPQ looking for an alternative approach to demonstrating that they met their food safety responsibilities.

They asked for a departure from the one size fits all approach to a more flexible and open way of recognising the capability and commitment of small business operators.

A joint project was set up between SFPQ and a steering group of experienced small business operators to explore how his could be realised.

The BBC program draws on the customs and practices of each business and assesses the alignment between these practices and food safety requirements, particularly skills and knowledge, ownership and ongoing commitment to food safety by each business.

What does the BBC symbol mean?

  • Expert advice on all your cooking needs
  • Quality product at an affordable price
  • Good old fashioned customer service
  • Locally sourced product
  • Experience you can trust

SFPQ is proud of the Queensland meat industry and the butchers who provide top quality products, coupled with great customer service.

Our approach is simple to get the advantage of food safety built into every business that produces food. And to have this advantage recognised and rewarded along the food chain.

Let me introduce you to.....

Peter Schilfe

Peter Schilf from Stafford Butchers in Toowoomba. This month we sat down with him to chat about life as a butcher

  • How long have you been a butcher? 41 years
  • Why did you become a butcher? I originally wanted to join the airforce but family circumstances meant I had to join the family business.
  • How many staff do you employ? 6: 4 full timers and 2 part timers
  • What is the most common question asked by customers? What type of meat is best and how do I cook it?
  • What involvement do you have in the local community? We sponsor sports such as bowls, football, swimming, baseball and soccer. My kids are in soccer so we tend to spend quite a lot of time supporting the sport.
  • What's the best thing about being the BBC? We have an open plan shop here so I like the fact that customers can see everything we're doing. We can show and explain to our customers how we meet BBC's ethos of Clean, Cold and Moving.
  • What's the biggest change/challenge you face in this industry? Selling meat is very different. Customers have a lot more options these days, especially with all the value add products on the market. It's great.
  • What's your favourite meat dish? Can't go past a lamb rack and veggies.

Want more info?

Read more about the BBC initiative here.