food safety scheme

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A food safety scheme is a legal document developed in consultation with government and industry. A scheme is based on reducing food safety risks through-chain. It is a preventative approach that ensures public health and safety.

In simple terms, a food safety scheme is a regulation that sets out minimum requirements that a primary production and/or processing business must legally meet to make sure its food is safe.

It may be a requirement under a food safety scheme for a person to develop and implement a food safety program. A food safety program is one of many regulatory tools that can be adopted to assist businesses in meeting their legal requirements.

what is the Dairy Scheme?

The Food Safety Scheme for Dairy Produce started on 1 January 2003 with the introduction of the Food Production (Safety) Regulation 2014.

In Queensland the Dairy Scheme currently involves close to 700 dairy farms and 60 dairy processing premises.

Queensland regulatory requirements reflect national standards and require that all food businesses must ensure public health and safety and take responsibility for food safety using risk management principles.

These standards support market access for primary products both here and overseas.

does the Dairy Scheme apply to you?

The Dairy Scheme applies to dairy produce intended for human consumption. To find out if the Dairy Scheme applies to you click here [PDF] 43Kb.