what we do

SFPQ Surveillance Team leader at Parmalat

our objectives

SFPQ is a statutory body, established under the Food Production (Safety) Act 2000. SFPQ reports to the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and regulates food safety within the primary production and processing sectors in Qld.

The objectives of the FPS Act are to:

  • ensure the production and processing of primary produce is carried out in a way that makes produce fit for human or animal consumption and maintains food quality
  • provide food safety measures for the production and processing of primary produce consistent with other State laws.

our strategies

SFPQ's strategic direction for 2012-15 involves four strategies that align with and address the challenges and opportunities being faced by the primary production and processing sector. It provides the direction of SFPQ to staff, clients and other stakeholders, and demonstrates the alignment of our corporate objectives with the Queensland Government's objectives for the community.

The plan strives to achieve a balance between responsible regulation (consumer expectations) and individual responsibility of businesses to protect and manage food safety.

We evaluate the corporate plan annually with respect to progress towards achieving our corporate objectives and to identify whether it needs to be amended in response to changes in the internal and external environment.

The four key areas are:

  • implement and monitor national standards
  • reducing regulatory impost
  • active stakeholder engagement
  • resilient Agency

our functions

SFPQ's core functions are to:

  • regulate, under food safety schemes, the production of primary produce to ensure primary produce is safe for human and animal consumption
  • advise, or make recommendations to, the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries about food safety matters relating to the production of primary produce and the development or implementation of food safety schemes
  • monitor the hygiene and operating procedures of premises, vehicles, plant and equipment used for the production of primary produce
  • encourage businesses engaged in the production of primary produce to:
    • minimise food safety risks by developing and maintaining food safety programs
    • develop and adopt quality assurance measures for the primary produce
    • approve or audit quality assurance measures
  • approve food safety programs
  • grant accreditations
  • approve and train individuals to carry out audits to monitor compliance with food safety schemes
  • review audits
  • commission research relating to food safety matters for primary produce.

our powers

SFPQ has a range of powers under the Food Production (Safety) Act 2000 that include:

  • developing food safety arrangements
  • accrediting primary production and processing businesses
  • establishing auditing systems
  • registering approved auditors
  • conducting investigations into food safety offences.

our funding

SFPQ funding comes from two sources: a shared funding agreement with the Queensland Government; and charges for accreditations and other services.