dairy & dairy products

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In this section

  • food safety risks

    What are the food safety risks with dairy and dairy products?

  • food safety scheme

    What is the Dairy Scheme – and does it apply to you?

  • food safety programs

    How to prepare a food safety program for your dairy business – including tips and guidelines.

  • accreditation

    Decide if you need to be accredited, your requirements, fees, application forms and more.

    Please note: an accreditation can only be issued in the name of an individual or an incorporated body (an ACN registered company). For further accreditation information refer to our Accreditation Guidelines

  • monitoring and audit

    How we monitor scheme compliance, audit, fees and a list of Safe Food Production Queensland registered auditors.

  • library

    Industry guides, record sheets, fact sheets and links to the latest dairy industry resources.