eggs & egg products

Facilitating a productive, sustainable and thriving egg industry

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  • national eggs & egg product standard

    Safe Food Production Queensland is proposing the incorporation of the National Primary Production and Processing (PPP) Standard for Eggs and Egg Product developed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) into the Food Production (Safety) Regulation 2002 (the FPS Regulation).

  • food safety risks What are the food safety risks with eggs and egg products?
  • food safety scheme

    What is the Egg Scheme – and what does it mean for you?

  • food safety programs How to prepare a food safety program for your business – including checklists and record sheets.
  • accreditation

    Decide if you need to be accredited, your requirements, fees, application forms and more.

    Please note: an accreditation can only be issued in the name of an individual or an incorporated body (an ACN registered company). For further accreditation information refer to our Accreditation Guidelines

  • auditing How we audit, fees and a list of Safe Food Production Queensland registered auditors.
  • egg implementation manual

    documents regarding egg implementation

  • library

    Industry guides, record sheets, fact sheets and links to the latest egg industry resources.

  • water use and recycling

    General information on water use, water recycling and who to contact